Sample Sheets Overview

In SODAR, sample sheets are used to model the study design metadata for research projects. They contain links and shortcuts to data files and enable integration with external tools.

The Sample Sheets application is used to import, browse, edit and the study metadata. It also serves as the access point to files related to the studies, hosted on the iRODS distributed mass storage system.

You can access the Sample Sheets app by navigating to a project and clicking the Sample Sheets link on the project sidebar. Alternatively, you can click the icon in the Sheets column in the project list found on the SODAR home page.


Sample Sheets link in the project sidebar

Detailed information on using the application for various sample sheet related actions are presented in following subsections.

This part of the manual details the graphical user interface of the Sample Sheets app. For programmatic access to most of these features, see Sample Sheets API.