User Dropdown

The user dropdown menu can be found in the top right corner of the SODAR UI. It providess access to site-wide applications, which contain functionality and information not related to a specific SODAR project.


SODAR user dropdown

In the top of the dropdown your user name and real name are displayed. Below, you can find links to applications followed by a log out link. Currently, the following applications are accessible for a logged-in user:

App Alerts

Alerts raised to you regarding finished background operations or actions of other users.

iRODS Info

Display the status of the iRODS file storage and generate user configuration files for connecting.

Site-Wide Events

Display a list of site-wide (non-project specific) timeline events.

API Tokens

Manage your API tokens for programmatic SODAR access.

User Profile

View and configure your global user settings in the user profile view.