Project Timeline

The Timeline application displays a detailed log of activity in the project. This includes e.g. member role assignments, file transfers from landing zones, and changes to the sample sheets. The activity is displayed as a list of events.


Project timeline

For each event the following details are available:


Time of the event’s creation. This doubles as a link to a modal which displays the event status history. This can be useful information e.g. in case of asynchronous background events.


Type of the event along with the SODAR application which created the event.


User initiating the event.


Description of the event. Objects included in the description have a link displayed as a clock notation. Clicking this opens a list of all events related to the object. The title of the object also often works as a link to the related application. Possible extra JSON data is displayed as a link in the right hand side of the field. The link opens a modal displaying the JSON data.


Current status of the event.

For viewing site-wide events not related to any specific project, open the User Dropdown and click Site-Wide Events.